[sane-devel] Regression tests

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Mon Jan 27 11:36:06 GMT 2020

Hi Ralph,

Ralph Little writes:

> Hi All,
> I have managed to amass an impression and representative selection of
> scanners by various means (and the prodigious assistance of Craigslist)
> so that we can perform testing of changes to backend code.
> I am not intending to get a sample of every possible unit, rather a unit
> that can be used to exercise each distinct backend.

That's still about 80 devices ... :-o

> Over the next few weeks, as time allows, I will put the scanners that I
> have through their paces to check for regressions or weird behaviour.


> I have done a round of testing on the HP ScanJet 5400C that I got
> yesterday and there is a GitLab issue containing a number of issues that
> I found. That is issue #233.

You probably want to be a bit more specific in noting the version you
used ;-)  Rolf's PPA is designed to change.
Just past the version provided by ./configure --version, that is good
enough to find back the exact commit.

> Unless someone specifically wants to tackle them (and particular if the
> backend is unmaintained), I will attempt to address them over time.
> If anyone has a comment on the format of the reports or if the various
> items should go into separate issues, then I am all ears. :D
> In the case of the 5400C, most of the issues were fairly minor to could
> probably be dealt with with small changes, so it seemed appropriate to
> me to stick them all in the same report.

I don't really share your optimism about them being minor, exact perhaps
for the first two.  The other ones may or may not be so minor (based on
seeing others wrestle with getting support for higher resolutions right
as well as adding button support).

Based on my own recent experience with fixing the compiler warnings, see
#120, I wouldn't lump that many issues in a single issue again :-/
Splitting them out at the very least makes it easier to see what has
been taken care of :-)

Hope this helps,
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