[sane-devel] Advanced options

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sun Mar 8 07:53:30 GMT 2020

Hi Ralph,

Ralph Little writes:

> Hi,
> I have run a few tests on some of the scanners I have acquired this
> afternoon.
> One thing came up, that I would like to garner opinions on.
> Some of the backends mark the well-known geometry options tl-x, tl-y,
> br-x and br-y as "advanced" whereas others do not.
> I think there really should be some consistency on this.

Maybe, maybe not.  For the backends/scanners where these are marked as
advanced, is there another less-advanced way to set the scan area?
For example by choosing a paper size like A4 or Letter.  If there is, I
think I would classify the well-known scan area options as advanced too.

# Never mind that A4 is of course extremely ill-defined as a scan area.
# There's neither orientation nor offset information :-/

> What is the general opinion regarding this?
> Should they be advanced or not? They don't seem very advanced to me, so
> my feelings is "not".
> Since these options are explicitly mentioned in the SANE spec, perhaps
> it could mandate something in this area.

Given that there might be less-advanced ways of setting the scan area,
mandate might be a bit too strong but we could recommend something of
course :-)

Hope this helps,
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