[sane-devel] tested canon P215II, brightness has some problem

Tony kangear at 163.com
Tue Mar 17 00:17:41 GMT 2020

Hi all, I tried to test Canon P215II, backend version: 1.0.29. 

./scanimage --format=png  > test.png
> test.png is gray;

./scanimage --format=png --mode=Color  > test.png
> test.png is color, but seems brightness high. The image looks like adjust brightness to max effect on Windows OS;

./scanimage --format=png --mode=Color --brightness=-100 > test.png
> test.png always like that, Maybe brightness option has no effect for now.

And scan speed is slow.

that's all. if you need more, just email me. I'll try to be the best tester. :P 

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