[sane-devel] Help needed in development of RPC client

Eugenio Tampieri eugenio at eutampieri.eu
Sun Mar 15 09:06:32 GMT 2020

Good morning,
I’m developing a SANE client that uses the RPC over TCP to communicate with the server. I have already developed some functions and they work. However, my implementation of SANE_NET_CONTROL_OPTION is broken and I can’t tell why.

https://github.com/eutampieri/SwiftSANE/blob/49f464e5328de10744348d246dea90f3c9d98ec8/Sources/SANEScan/SANEScan.swift#L116 <https://github.com/eutampieri/SwiftSANE/blob/49f464e5328de10744348d246dea90f3c9d98ec8/Sources/SANEScan/SANEScan.swift#L116> Here is the function that doesn’t work. The function writes to the socket the following message, which I’m sending base64 encoded: AAAABQAAAAAAAAACAAAAAAAAAAIAAAAEAAoZmQ==.  However I’m receiving an empty response.

Is the request that I’m making to the server wrong? Is this the expected behavior? Could you give me more informations regarding the option number?

Thanks in advance,

Eugenio Tampieri
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