[sane-devel] Canon ImageCLASS MF743cdw

Thierry HUCAHRD thierry at ordissimo.com
Wed Mar 18 19:02:42 GMT 2020

Le 2020-03-18 18:53, Brian Potkin a écrit :
> Thank you for your data, Chris.
> The lack of an output for _uscan._tcp indicates to me that the device
> does not support the escl protocol. This means that, unfortunately,
> sane-airscan is not available for you to to use. I will, of course, 
> defer
> to more expert opinion than mine.
> The _ipp._tcp output indicates the device supports AirPrint. It would
> seem that the generalisation that *all* AirPrint devices also support
> the escl protocol needs revising.

Only Multi-Function devices implementing AirPrint 1.4 always offer 


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