[sane-devel] Canon imageClass MF4770n

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sat Mar 21 03:04:34 GMT 2020

Hi Rolf,

Rolf Bensch writes:

> Hi,
> I don't look through Canon's marketing policy how they name their
> devices. It's not such easy as it looks like: EU = 5, US = 7.
> E.g.: For Canon imageClass MF4700 Series I found these models:
> MF4720, MF4730, MF4750, MF4770 and MF4780 (1x Asia, 3x Europe, 1x US).
> For other models Canon is also playing with the suffixes:
> e.g. amongst others i-SENSYS MF210 Series provides these scanners:
> MF211, MF213w, MF215, MF217w. Some Asian, Europe and US.
> Some time ago I asked me the question, how to identify all available
> scanner family members all over the world. I stopped this after
> searching a small amount of scanners on Canon's international websites.
> It's a real torture.

I know.  From my experience with EPSON devices, there are no easy
rules.  It seems like the various marketing divisions just pick model
names as they see fit.

> I decided to follow Canon's policy for their scanner drivers, to use the
> family names, e.g. Canon imageClass MF4700 Series.

That is one approach, assuming that there is actually some logic to the
use of "Series".  If I see MF4700 Series, I would sort of expect any
MF47xx or MF470x device to be covered.  I don't know about the Canon
devices, but for EPSON I see stuff like

  - L360 Series
  - L362 Series
  - L364 Series
  - L365 Series
  - L366 Series

at which point I seriously question the meaning of "Series".

> Adding some explanation in pixma scanners section header
> (http://www.sane-project.org/lists/sane-backends-cvs.html#S-PIXMA) could
> help, what 'Series' stands for. Or using a 'x' could also help, e.g.
> 'Canon imageClass MF47x0', without 'Series' and suffixes but with an
> explanation in the section header.

I guess the best approach is to simply add whatever model name monikers
are available for a device.  The purpose of our description files is for
our users to be able to find their device.  Whatever makes that task a
bit easier is a Good Thing.

Hope this helps,
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