[sane-devel] Where do I download the software for a Canon Pixma TR4520?

Thierry HUCAHRD thierry at ordissimo.com
Mon Mar 23 14:31:14 GMT 2020

Le 2020-03-23 15:00, Alexander Pevzner a écrit :
> Hi Thierry,
> On 3/19/20 11:54 PM, Thierry HUCAHRD wrote:
>> I'm currently working on ADF. The idea being to have a complete 
>> support.
>> The support provided by sane-airscane ADF does not work for Canon IR 
>> ADF scanners.
> I've reviewed your ADF implementation with big interest. Nice to meet
> my own code in somebody else's project without any reference to its
> origins :-)
Hi Alexander,
I've been letting you be aggressive for a while now!
he's an intern who wrote the eSCL backend, he did a great job.
ADF is a working copy.
You examine my code to find the difference that makes the Canon IR 
scanners work and at the same time you accuse me of plagiarism.
I agree with Till, community work is good for everyone!
Knowing that escl is defined, we don't invent anything.
Many things are very similar in our code.
I've decided not to answer any more questions unless you're 
> I have a question and a couple of comments.
> 1) Is it correct, that this line, commented out in my version but
> present in your version, is sufficient for Canon IR to work?
>     <scan:InputSource>%s</scan:InputSource>
> 2) In your merge request comment you wrote, that your version scans
> only the first document from the ADF. From my experience (probably, it
> depends on hardware), it scans the entire ADF load, even if software
> doesn't fetch ready pages. I bet there will be a sufficient amount of
> scanner models that will hang or crash when memory is full - this is
> much better to load as much pages, as scanner sends, even if user
> doesn't read them.
> 3) When scan to PDF, duplex ADF sends 2-page PDFs, so it is better to
> be prepared to it. I don't have this problem, because I intentionally
> don't implement PDF, as I think that benefit of having 1-bit B&W is
> low, while added dependencies (and memory overhead) are unreasonably
> high.

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