[sane-devel] Rebase

Povilas Kanapickas povilas at radix.lt
Wed Oct 7 14:22:38 BST 2020

Hi Ralph,

On 10/1/20 5:36 PM, Ralph Little wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2020-10-01 4:39 a.m., Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
>> Hi Ralph,
>> Ralph Little writes:
>> AFAICS I am the only one to work on this branch, so I suspect that rebasing
>> will be OK.
>> I'd check with the pixma backend's new maintainer, hi Povilas!, and
>> Louis just to make sure but what is the argument for not wanting to
>> merge master into your branch instead?
>> BTW, I know for a fact that the old maintainer occasionally rebased.
> It was Rolf's suggestion to rebase or merge.
> I have not rebased to a public git server before so I wanted to garner
> some opinion and advice.
> My preference for rebasing in this case would be to compress a rather
> long running branch to make review easier and to keep the branch clean.
> There are further fixes to push to the branch before it is merged back
> to master.
> For my testing of the branch, I do need to get some changes from master
> into it that relate to the imageClass machine that I have.

I think if it's your MR you're free to rebase the branch as you wish.
Personally I would prefer to see clean history in the repository, so
rebasing interactively then squashing and/or splitting commits into
separate pieces where sensible is the way to go.

The only case when we need some caution is when there has already been
an agreement to use some branch as a place to integrate work of multiple


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