[sane-devel] Adding a Reflecta RPS 10M to pieusb

Klaus Kämpf kkaempf at suse.de
Sun Jun 13 18:50:32 BST 2021

On 12.06.21 20:15, Thomas Wilshaw wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to hook up my Reflecta RPS 10M film scanner to sane and I
> wondere if anyone had any suggestions? I've compiled sane with just
> pieusb support and I get the following when I run sane-find-scanner:

Looks like you don't have access rights to USB devices.
Please check the internet for documentation about gaining this access.
It highly depends on the Linux distribution you're using.

> I added the followiing line to pieusb.conf:
> usbm 0x05e3 0x0144 0x37 0x00

Where do you got these numbers from ?

> (model number is made up, I don't know if that's important)

Yes, the model number is important (at least within pieusb).

Please start with running the scanner with a known driver (possibly
under Windows) and try to capture the USB traffic. Then I can tell you
if pieusb is the right driver for your scanner or not.


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