[sane-devel] Is it possible...

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 00:21:08 GMT 2021


On 2021-03-17 4:52 p.m., Steven Santos wrote:
> I have been thinking a lot about sane lately, and I have a question
> for the list.
> Is it possible to make sane (and specifically its older driver base)
> look and function like an airscan device?
> By that, I mean is it possible to have a sane instance talk to a
> scanner, especially the older ones supported by sane, but also other
> airscan devices and then expose those scanners to the network as if
> they were airscan devices?
> This would basically let sane become the scan hub of a
> windows/mac/linux network.
> so is it possible?  And if so, what would it take to do?

Of course, there is the net backend and saned but I don't know how
appropriate that would be for your situation.

The other option might be to construct a frontend that fabricated a
Airscan service. It would have to translate the available options for
the scanners to whatever format is appropriate for the Airscan
interface. Others (e.h. Alexander Pevsner and the chaps at Ordissimo)
probably have more information on that side of things.

Some general information that I could find is here:



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