[sane-devel] need help to understand which of THESE scanner/printers is supported

Jeff jffry at posteo.net
Sun Oct 16 08:00:52 BST 2022

On 15/10/2022 21:45, Ralph Little wrote:
> HP
> ======
> Machines from HP tend to be of the same class as Epson. Some are fairly 
> well made but they have a reputation for chip locking their consumables 
> which, like Epson, are insanely expensive. Been in the news of late 
> regarding shenanigans over firmware updates locking out the use of 3rd 
> party cartridges. In the main, I would avoid them.
> On the other hand, HP do support their MFP machines very well with open 
> source drivers that they regularly keep up-to-date via the HPLIP 
> project. If they would just improve the quality of their machines a bit, 
> not overcharge for their ink and toner (and not be asshats to their 
> customers in the firmware update department), then I would buy them out 
> of principle for their support of the Linux platform.
> Others might be better able to direct you to devices that are definitely 
> supported.

I have had a couple of HP OfficeJets over the last 20! years, and only a 
couple because they have been pretty reliable. Some 3rd party cartridges 
do work almost as well as the original ones.

My current OfficeJet is a 6500.

I would also add, not ever having owned a Fujitsu device, is that they 
seem also to be very well supported by SANE.


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