[sane-devel] UPDATE about: help to understand which of THESE scanner/printers is supported

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Mon Oct 17 16:27:30 BST 2022

On Sat, Oct 15, 2022 12:45:22 PM -0700, Ralph Little wrote:
> On 2022-10-15 10:38, M. Fioretti wrote:
> > Greetings,
> > ...
> > For work reasons, I badly need to replace as soon as possible the
> > Epson XP-4100 printer that one hour ago died under my desk (something
> > snapped inside), with another all-in-one device that is
> > 
> > - 100% supported under Linux, **especially** the scanner, because on
> >    avg I print ~ 15/20 pages/month, mostly B/W, but for THIS and future
> >    projects I need to scan hundreds of photographs with the highest
> >    possible resolution, that's why I'm posting here
> ...

After a bit of checking, the choices actually available seem to be
restricted to these models:

1) all-in-one EPSON XP2205        ~70  EUR
2) all-in-one EPSON WF 2880 DFW   ~110 EUR
3) Scanner only, Canoscan LIDE 400 ~80 EUR

Explanation, please DO tell me if what follows makes sense:

after my initial message, and sleeping over it, I have realized that
in the near term, say the next 4/6 weeks, I should, ideally, scan over
1000 photographs, but need to print very little. After this period,
the needs would very likely reverse, i.e. little printing, even less
scanning. In other words,

- buying asap a better scanner than what usually comes in all-in-one

- going to the corner shop when I absolutely need to print a
few pages
- buy a printer-only later e.g Black Friday?...

may be a much better use overall of my time and even money , even if I
put that scanner in the closet 2 months from now


- no more "cannot print because scanning does not work" as it is
  right now, or "cannot scan because ink is low"

- higher resolution (4800x4800)

- SANE website says complete support up to 4800 DPI, with driver pixma

- can stay vertical, solving one of my critical reasons for all-in-one
products, i.e lack of shelf space


- eventually, I'll spend more than with all-in-one to have both
printing and scanning (but should save it by finishing the scanning
project better/earlier)

- USB-powered??? This worries me. I was giving for granted I would
  connect this via a small USB hub to an Intel NUC, but it won't work,
  will it? And if I attached this to the only USB port still available
  on the NUC, would it drain too much power from a device like that?

- finally, SANE says it is supported, but I do not understand whether
the sane package coming with Ubuntu 22.04 does contain pixma 0.28.6 or
not, or if I need other packages (Vuescan???):


any help to understand if that scanner will be usable without problems
on my NUC/Ubuntu 22.04 combination is VERY welcome! Ditto for any
mention of problems with that scanner that I may have overlooked.


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