[sane-devel] UPDATE about: help to understand which of THESE scanner/printers is supported

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Tue Oct 18 06:09:57 BST 2022

Hi Kelly, and thanks, with a couple questions on specific points:

On Mon, Oct 17, 2022 11:39:14 AM -0400, Kelly Price wrote:
> I can answer that from a user's perspective.  My go-to for scanners is
> the LiDE series.
> Yes, they're USB powered because they use LED lighting.  It allows
> them to sip power, so they're under the 5V 500mA limit.  I've had
> these plugged in via a hub and now direct.  Works nicely.

but does the hub **NEED** to be powered? Until now, I've done with a
four port "passive" hub attached to my NUC desktop, for: mouse,
keyboard, webcam & printer/scanner. Replacing that with a powered
hub would (besides being ~25/30 EUR more, AFAICT) be a problem because
I already am out of easy to reach electrical sockets...

> And it's best if you use the "sane-releases" PPA, because Ubuntu can
> lag behind.  It should work out of the box with the PPA.

on the software side...

what I need is the most is a command line utility to scan at maximum
resolution from inside a shell script. That would be still
"scanimage", or something else here?

This said, I have discovered that there are also packages by Canon itself:


but since they are declared for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, the PPAs you mention
should be much better for 22.04, right? I mean, these:


Thanks, looking forward to these confirmation so I can go to the store
and buy this thing...


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