[sane-devel] Canon i-Sensys MF-112 Drivers for Ubuntu

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 19:50:51 BST 2022


On 2022-10-23 23:43, Вассисуалий Пупкин wrote:
> Hello.
> Did the scan report intercepted by wareshark help? How can I 
> additionally help to resolve the issue with the drivers on the Canon 
> MF112?
> Sending another report from Wareshark.
> Many thanks!

I have decoded the data stream from the PCAP and converted it into a PNM 
file to see what it looks like and I can see what you see. For RAW data, 
there aren't enough bytes for the dimensions requested (150dpi at 
1280x2100 geometry) and I get a mostly empty document with a strip of 
fuzz at the top.

I did wonder if the data was JPEG because some pixma machines output 
JPEG  but I do not see a JFIF header in the data.
If you wish, you could set the machine definition to expect JPEG in the 
entry in pixma_imageclass.c for your machine, at the bottom of the file:

   DEV ("Canon i-SENSYS MF110/910 Series", "MF110", MF110_PID, 600, 0, 
640, 1050, PIXMA_CAP_JPEG),

...and rebuild the backend. Then see if it works for you. I don't know 
if the JFIF header requirement is strictly necessary. This is something 
that I am learning about at the moment. If you need help on building the 
backend then let us know and we can help.

Some pixma machines (like in the mp150 family) support JPEG only on the 
ADF. I don't see such a restriction in the code for imageClass machines 


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