[Soc-coordination] Does this project is a basic need for Debian?

Erich Schubert erich at debian.org
Tue Mar 25 15:29:32 UTC 2008

Hello Ronny,
> Because as I read there are projects like Mole and Projectb that
> manage a lot of information and maybe that is enough for the moment
> for Debian.

Last year we had 9 projects. I couldn't name 9 projects that definitely
are more important than the UDD.

Also note that it's not just about how important the project is, but
even more about how well the application is written and how motivated
and fit the student appears to be.
We usually get a couple of applications that go little or not at all
beyond what was written on the "ideas" wiki page. Even if we'd be in
urgent need for some project, we probably wouldn't take a student that
did just a copy & paste application. (Well, we'll ask him questions via
the Google application tool to refine his application. That helps
sorting such applications out quite well)

So the common sequence for deciding on applications is:

1. Is the project related to Debian ("uses Debian" or "developed on
Debian" is NOT enough)
2. Do we have a mentor (usually not an issue if 1. is fulfilled; we
usually can find a mentor suiteable within the big Debian pool)
3. Does the student seem motivated and capable (i.e. well written
application showing insight, can answer to questions about the
4. How important is the project for Debian

Technically, it runs differently (votes cast by mentors, maybe some
reordering at the end by admins after a coordination meeting), but these
factors influence the votes cast. Also note that we just need to end up
with a yes/no decision first, and once we know how many slots we get, we
just need to pick the "top n" projects. There is no #1 project, but it's
just "in" or "out".

best regards,
Erich Schubert
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