[Soc-coordination] Website projects

Matt Kraai kraai at ftbfs.org
Thu Mar 12 05:34:52 UTC 2009

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 10:35:09PM -0500, Diego Escalante Urrelo wrote:
> Perhaps a wider update to Debian's website could be more attractive for
> SoC, maybe migrate it to Drupal or one of those big projects out there
> nowadays. Although I say this with caution since I don't really know the
> insides of Debian's web.
> Would the web team find interesting a broader migration project? Of
> course taking into account migrating the translations and providing
> infra for translators to keep working on them.

I think an overhaul of the entire website is beyond the scope of a
Summer of Code project, but then again I don't know what the scope of
a Summer of Code project is.  :)

I'm also not sure what the scope of moving to a different CMS would be:
the current website has 4349 pages written in the WML, but I don't
know how many of these would need to be preserved and how much effort
doing so would entail.  I'm also not sure what benefits migrating to
another platform would bring.

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