[Soc-coordination] [debmetrics] Week 3

Boris Bobrov breton at cynicmansion.ru
Sat Jul 6 12:44:45 UTC 2013

(sorry for the late report)

Almost half of this week I spent sending a request for permission to leave the 
country for DebConf, running from one bureaucratic department to another. Not 
very much was done, mostly reading docs while standing in lines.

In code, the installation system was fixed and coded.

Also I was reading the docs on rrdtool and experimenting with different 
storage modes. Though a lot of debian pages use rrdtool to store data and 
generate plots, now I think that it will not completely satisfy our 
requirements, because of a number of reasons:
1. I don't see a way to provide a simple interface for adding new metrics
2. Using rrdtool precision drops and history gets lost where it should not be. 
As an example I provided stats on number of reconfirmed DebConf'13 attendees 
during time, which would be interesting to analyze and compare with previous 
3. Using db can be not so resource-demanding as I first thought.

I am currently discussing this issue with zack.

I planned to code some web interface during these week, but beause of the 
paperwork I was unable to do that. I plan to catch up with that during Sunday 
and Monday.

Next week: catch up with web interface, start coding graphs creation. Also, 
the issue with storage should finally be resolved.

С наилучшими пожеланиями, 
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