[Soc-coordination] Automated Bootstrap - Report 3 - Gustavo Alkmim

Gustavo Prado Alkmim alkmim at ic.unicamp.br
Sat Jul 6 14:13:52 UTC 2013

Hi Guys.

Below is the report of this week. Sorry for the delay. I had problems
with my internet.

############ Report 3 - Week 6.

June 29 - Jun 05: Test if the sources of the Self contained repository can
crossbuilt using the new inserted metadata information.

Actually, following the schedule of the project [0], this is what I have to
until July 29. This step includes patches to solve cycles and solve
problems on some packages.

As I said in last report [1], I was with problems with my cross-toolchain
due to
the lack of some importante packages. This week I had success on build a
cross-toolchain. I used the sources from ubuntu and built them inside a
chroot. Fortuntly they worked on debian without problems with dependencies.
The binary packages are in my repository in [2]. The only drawback is that
ubuntu crosstoolchain builds packages for armhf targets, so I had to rebuild
the pacakges again.

Like last week, I had problems with the snapshot due to different of
from host and build architectures, avoiding me to use the multi-arch
This time the problem was the lack of libgcc1 of same versions for armhf
amd64. Now I'm using the snapshot in [3]

This week I built several packages. A list with the status of the packages
available in [4]. Currently 36 sources are built with success, 23 I having
status and 8 I having build-dependency problems.

I did not update the repository in [5] yet. I'm studying to understand how
is the
best way to do the builds in practice. Wookey explained me a lot of stuff
with this yesterday. It was a very good conversation and I was able to set
the sbuild chroot in the right manner and use reprepro.

The forms we organize the builds environment is very important and put all
is not very simple. Since I'm modifying the source packages I need to keep
a repo-
sitory from which the chroot get the packages. Since I didn't finish it
yet, I'm
not going to explain exactly how I did it. Next week, I might show step by
how to set up the environment.

Next steps:
Keep patching files
Update the repository [5]
Set up the environment for the builds

This report can also be found in [6]

[2] http://www.lrc.ic.unicamp.br/~alkmim/debian/debianrepo/
[3] http://snapshot.debian.org/archive/debian/20130703T215444Z/
[5] https://gitorious.org/debian-bootstrap/gsoc2013
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