[Soc-coordination] Status Report of MIPS N32/N64 Port, Week 3

Eleanor Chen chenyueg at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 04:13:15 UTC 2013


In the fourth week of this GSoC project, I've completed my cross
toolchain of mips64el port on amd64, including stage-3 gcc, stage-2
eglibc, binutils and linux-libc-dev. All of the packages are based on
versions recently in Sid, with modifications that already submitted in
form of patches to BTS. The resulting packages can be fetched at

Versions are:
dpkg: 1.16.10
gcc-4.8: 4.8.1-6
eglibc: 2.17-7
linux-libc-dev: 3.10~rc7-1~exp1

A newly reported bug: #716795 gcc-4.8: generated library packages
aren't marked Multiarch when cross compiling gcc

As I've got the cross-toolchain, next step I'll keep track to forward
port and integrate necessary patches into respective packages, and at
the same time I'll start to cross compile a set of packages to form a
working chroot that can rebuild native build-essential. The overall
progress is on schedule, but I still need to get my account for the
mips64 (be) machine and do these things again on it.

Best Regards,
Eleanor Chen

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