[Soc-coordination] Leiningen & Clojure packaging Week 6

Eugenio Cano-Manuel Mendoza eugeniocanom at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 13:19:32 UTC 2013


This week I've been redesigning the main components of lein_makepkg as per
my code review from last week. I also packaged 'stencil' using
clojurehelper to get the feel of how is doing.

*What I've done this week:*
*Packaged stencil. Waiting for review.
*Redesigned the Project class, it's not a class anymore more but a module
with functions, every function in charge of creating a variable for the
*Created tests for this new module.
*Adapted lein_makepkg to use debtemplate.py.
*Added an option to show debugging information (--debug), also available
from the configuration file.
*Removed the option parsing logic, it's now done directly in the new
debtemplate module.
*Refactored lein_makepkg, it's now a module by itself ->lein_makepkg.py and
there's a wrapper (lein_makepkg) that calls it. This makes it easier to
*Fixed bugs with the --javahelper --no-configfile options.
*Fixed bug with version detection.
*Added more logging messages: warn user if some properties were not found.
*Handle more specific errors such as an invalid pom file, a missing
property, invalid package name, invalid version.
*Created more exceptions for the above. Also redesigned them.
*Redesigned some tests in order to run them in parallel.
*Fixed bug with dependency separators.
*Changed lein_clean, lein_build and the rules file to use the .jlibs file
in order to guess what jar has to be generated and deleted (this might
*What I'll be doing next week:*
*My midterm evaluation =)
*A manpage.
*Talk to my mentor about the status of the project and work from there.
*Package something else with clojurehelper. (I still don't know what will
be appropriate, I have to ask my mentor)
*Possibly add the new feature I mentioned last week. This week I thought it
would be better to just improve what we had.
*Change the format of the logging messages.
*Handle errors on lein_build, lein_clean, lein_builddocs.

Enjoy your weekend!
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