[Soc-coordination] [Package Tracking System rewrite] Week 6 - July 26 - Status Report

Marko Lalic marko.lalic at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 23:55:05 UTC 2013


This week went fairly well with all but one of the planned stories
being completed. The finished stories are:

- Documentation work. Added a high-level overview of the design,
instructions on setting up a running PTS instance. Also filled in
missing documentation of the API (docstrings). The documentation uses
Sphinx' cross-referencing options. This took quite a bit longer than
estimated which is the main reason the last planned story wasn't
implemented. You can see the HTML rendered version of the docs here

- Links panel framework. An API which allows us to add extra links to
the links panel. This is important since many different modules should
be able to add a link to the panel. Along with this, added the package
homepage link to the panel.

- See recent package news - the News panel. The panel displays 30 most
recent news (the number is configurable): their date, title, user who
created the news and also the name of the person who signed the
content. The signature information is a feature which was never
completed for the "old" PTS. It is possible to provide a list of
keyrings which should be used when trying to verify a signature.

- See details of a news item. A page which displays the content of the
news. The news content can be saved in either the database or a file
on the filesystem. Each news has a specific content type associated
with it and each content type has a "renderer" which renders the
content to HTML. Currently, the following content type renderers are
  - text/plain - displays the content in a <pre> block
  - text/html - outputs the content without any HTML
encoding/escaping. A warning is given that anyone using this content
type for news items they create must be sure to include only safe html
  - text/x-rst - content type for reStructuredText content
  - message/rfc822 - renders an email message's contents. Users can
provide a list of headers to include in the rendered page. Any headers
containing email addresses are turned into mailto: links.

Stories planned for next week are:

- See bug statistics of a package - the "bugs" panel of the current
PTS. It needs to be possible for vendors to provide their own
customizations of bug categories and/or layout.
- Generate news from changes in monitored repositories. When the PTS
detects that a there is a new package, new package version, or that a
package version has been removed, a news item should be created.
- Framework for version-specific links. A new panel (not found in the
current PTS) which will include a list of available package versions
with information/links which specific to each of them.
- Extracted files: changelog, copyright, rules, control. The PTS
should extract these files from the package archive and display links
allowing users to download them directly from the PTS. The links will
be placed for each version in the panel described in the previous

That's it for this time.

Thanks for reading.

Kind regards,

[1] http://pts.debian.net/docs/

Marko Lalić

email: marko.lalic at gmail.com
mobile: +387 61 817 681
web: www.eestec-sa.ba

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