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Sat Jul 27 12:39:47 UTC 2013

Hi Guys.

At first I want to apologize for sent both reports together, but as I
explained to the coordination I was getting married and that was
driving me crazy... (Now I'm married and everything is fine again).

Sorry for the delay. This won't happen again

############  Week 8 - Report 5
In this week we discussed about how the automated bootstrap tool is going to

I started with a draft shell script of the tool [0]. I'm going to summarize
the main conclusions of our discussion:

1) The automated bootstrap tool should be write on perl or python due to its
complexity. Since I didn't know perl I learned it during the week

2) The automated bootstrap tool should be able to run in two modes: one using
the output list of botch to know what crossbuild and one that just looks at
what is out of date (source newer than binaries) in the repository.

3) The build packages list should come from the repository. Access to the
repository should be over http, so it can be moved to a shared server easily,
and it works inside chroots. It should use wget to get the packages file
locally for botch to use. The host packages list should be got from the repo-
sitory (if we want to know what can be done in an exactly moment) or from
a conversion of the build package list (if we want to determine the full
build order.)

4) The automated bootstrao tool should be non-interactive

5) An auxiliar script to automatically add the "Multi-Arch: foreign" field
when requested is desirable. This script should get the sources, add the
Multi-Arch: foreign field (or warning if an multi-arch field is already
present), build the new sources, upload it to the new repository and generate
a patch using debdiff.

############  Week 9 - Report 6

In this Week I got married (specifically on July, 20th). In the rest of the
week I was in an academic congress presenting a paper and in my honeymoon
with my wife. So I just had time to work on the GSoC on thursday. I worked
on the auxiliar script to automatically add the "Multi-Arch: foreign"
field. I also learned more about perl and the modules to help working with
debian packages.


Gustavo Alkmim
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