[Surfraw-devel] some fixes

Jason Ryan jasonwryan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 01:42:49 UTC 2012

On 23/10/12 at 01:52am, Ian Beckwith wrote:
> Hi,
> amazon[4] bugmenot cite[2] cliki deblists deli f5 finkpkg[1,2] jamendo
> javasun musicbrainz[2] openbsd[3] translate[1]
I've pushed fixes for a few: bugmenot, cite, cliki and f5.

I have spent *way* too much time trying to fix deli (one of mine) and have
reached the conclusion that the site's javascript will not play nice with
surfraw. As I no longer use delicious, I'm happy to scrap it.

I can't connect to the finkpkg site at all - anyone else?

I've also failed miserably with tests for f5 devcentral (it uses a custom google
search) and jamendo --again with the heavy javascript.

It seems that some of these sites, like jamendo, do not work properly in a text
browser (w3m in my case), even without the surfraw filter.

I'll keep plodding through the list over the course of the week.




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