[Tts-project] Requesting sponsorship for Catalan Festival support

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Tue May 20 18:51:51 UTC 2014

On 20-05-14 00:47, Sergio Oller wrote:
> Sorry to give you concerns about this. I wrote that statement some time
> ago and I now think that the statement is wrong, so in my opinion there
> is no license violation. This is the whole history:

I have not checked very carefully, i.e. I haven't followed your links,
but your statement seems very reasonable.

However, lintian [1] warns me that your copyright file is not saying
what you mean. This is because the line after "License: EST and
LGPL-2.1+" is not a new field and is also not empty. What I think is
that you want to use the "Comment" field for you comment. Currently the
sentence "Modifications by Antonio Bonafonte." is the license text as
far as the machine parse-able format is concerned and that is clearly
not the correct license text.

Also another nitpicking item, the "EST" license text in this package and
in festival-ca are (nearly) the same, however you use different
short-names for it. Maybe it is an idea to standardize on one, so that
it might get some traction as default. Or do you think the difference is
large enough to warrant different names.


[1] I: festvox-ca-ona-hts source:
unused-license-paragraph-in-dep5-copyright est (paragraph at line 84)

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