[Debian-zh-dev] Bug#1002060: liblunar-date-doc: missing Breaks+Replaces: liblunar-date-dev (<< 3)

xiao sheng wen (=?UTF-8?Q?=E8=82=96=E7=9B=9B=E6=96=87?=) atzlinux at sina.com
Wed Dec 22 03:19:02 GMT 2021

Hi Andreas,

在 2021/12/22 03:53, Andreas Beckmann 写道:
> Hi,
> another issue I noticed in liblunar-date-3.0-1: It is missing a 
> corresponding Breaks to the existing Replaces. Without it the 
> following sequence
>   install liblunar-date-2.0-0
>   install liblunar-date-3.0-1
>   remove liblunar-date-3.0-1
> will result in liblunar-date-2.0-0 having lost all its lunar-date.mo 
> files, while dpkg considers it correctly installed.

I used Replaces before, so dpkg considers liblunar-date-2.0-0 correctly 
installed after liblunar-date-3.0-1 removed.

If liblunar-date-2.0-0 lost all its lunar-date.mo files, the 
liblunar-date-2.0-0 will become not completeness,

so liblunar-date-2.0-0 and liblunar-date-3.0-1 should not to co-install 
in the same system.

Add a corresponding Breaks to the existing Replaces is better.

> I would also recommend to use
> Breaks+Replaces: liblunar-date-2.0-0 (<< 3)
> in case lunar-date needs to be updated in stable at some point, 
> because the (<= 2.4.0-8) will no longer be sufficient in this case.
> Andreas

It's a very experienced recommend. Even that lunar-date in stable has 
seldom chance to update.

Do it in salsa git.

Thanks again!

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