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dns1983 at riseup.net dns1983 at riseup.net
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Yes, you're right

but why preclude the possibility to use an laptop for example?
It costs a bit more than a low power box but have much more computational power and a very low power consumption.

I was only thinking that include some laptops, with Intel ME disabled, wasn't a bad idea

Il 10 luglio 2018 18:51:33 CEST, Jonas Smedegaard <jonas at jones.dk> ha scritto:
>Quoting dns1983 at riseup.net (2018-07-10 16:08:39)
>> Yes, I think It's important to maintain freedom box usable from a low
>> CPU machine, but I think that for reach our goal It's necessary to
>> more powerful machines too.
>> It's necessary that decentralized services are fast and efficient, 
>> something that a low pc machine can't always grant.
>Uhm, the very goal of FreedomBox is to put together things that _can_ 
>fit on a cheap low-power box.
>I agree that not all services relevant for freedom fits that constraint
>(or the other constraints for the FreedomBox project) - but fear not: 
>Makes great sense to package any and all interesting tools for Debian, 
>and makes good among interesting tools to try get most possible 
>supported by Plinth (the interface used by FreedomBox), and might also 
>make sense to then discuss which of the Debian tools supported by
>to include in FreedomBox - and those not included can then easily be 
>included in a sister projects FreedomTower and FreedomCluster reusing 
>parts from FreedomBox :-)
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