[Nut-upsuser] SmartLink UPS - Suggestions as to which serial driver?

gypsy gypsy at iswest.com
Fri Jun 2 03:43:25 UTC 2006

Although this SmartLink comes with a Linux program to monitor it, I'd
rather use nut if possible.  The biggest reason for preferring nut is
that the supplied software forces one to set the On Battery time rather
than allowing the battery to go critical and then sending a shutdown. 
Guessing how long the battery will last is problematical, especially as
the battery ages.  The other big reason is that whatever would cause the
UPS to load.off is not documented, so if the power restores before the
computer shuts down, the computer will just sit there waiting for an
event it won't know about.

The supplied software is Copyrighted by Powercom Co., Ltd. and is named
'upsmon' version 0.91a.  In addition there is a 'upsdisp' that uses
ncurses to show things like line voltage and load.  The serial cable
plus UPS plus the software all work - after a fashion...

Does anyone know which NUT serial driver to use with this SmartLink UPS?

Is there a better way than just running 'upsdrvctl start' hoping to find
a driver that works?

There is no source with the Linux driver supplied and neither is there
any license agreement.  Is it legal to reverse engineer?

If anyone wants to look, the Linux software can be had from here:

Even if you're not sure of the answer, perhaps you'll venture a guess or
two for me to check out?

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