[Nut-upsuser] Recommended UPS to buy for use with NUT?

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Sun Jun 4 20:32:33 UTC 2006

Peter Selinger wrote:

> I understand your technical points, but I think you are overkilling
> this user with information. He asked a simple question about what UPS
> he should buy. For reference, here is his original question:
> Clay Barnes wrote:
>> I am running a home box (600watt total load, may expand to 800-900) and
>> I need a UPS that can sustain power to that for at least 20 min, but
>> I want as much time as I can get.

I read this question but I have to disagree with you that this is a
simple one. Clay may have a setup that is indeed drawing that much power
(heaven kwows what is connected to his UPS, he may be wanting to power a
laser printer from it too). My concern is that people are blindly going
for the box that is listing the highest VA rating, without considering
what they really need and if that need it is going to be satisfied by
the UPS.

I fully agree that for most people running a single computer from a UPS,
just about any unit that is sold nowadays will satisfy their needs.
However, Clay made it quite clear (and also in his follow up posts) that
he needs 20 minutes runtime and preferably even longer. In that case, he
should not only consider the maximum rating for the UPS, but more
importantly the average power used and battery capacity available.

At least here in the Netherlands, quite a few (cheap) UPSes are sold
nowadays that sport high VA ratings, but really lack the battery
capacity needed to power even a modest load for more than a few minutes.
Clay should avoid these at all cost.

Regards, Arjen

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