[Nut-upsuser] Passwords not verified in upsmon?

mt mt at s3u.de
Mon Jun 5 15:42:01 UTC 2006

Hy list,

first of all - yes I have read the docs, but obvious I must have missed 
something. The user/password setting in upsd.users seems to be ignored 
and I can monitor the ups with some arbitrary password.

The following setup is working:
Server A has nut installed and has the following config:

ACL localnets
ACL localhost
ACL all
ACCEPT  localnets localhost

        password = hardertoguess
        allowfrom = 64me
        actions = set
        instcmds = all
     password = hardtoguess
     allowfrom = localnets
     # give the rights required by a monitoring host:
     upsmon slave

Now, if I run upsmon on a Server B with
MONITOR mainups at ServerA 1 upsmon wrongpassword slave
Everything seems fine although Server B does not have the correct password.
Is this intended or what have I missed?


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