[Nut-upsuser] Powerware 5110, SuSE10.1 & USB

Kjell Claesson kjell.claesson at telia.com
Thu Jun 8 11:42:22 UTC 2006

Hi Gary,
tor 2006-06-08 klockan 13:54 +1000 skrev Gary and Jane Pearce:
> Thank you Kjell,
> The permissions scripts (hotplug-ng) are missing from the SuSE 10.1 
> distribution. In the end I downloaded the sources to get the script I needed 
> then discovered your solution of adding the following lines:
> # Powerware - bcmxcp_usb
> SYSFS{idVendor}=="0592", SYSFS{idProduct}=="0002", MODE="660", GROUP="nut"
> in a file called:
> /etc/udev/rules.d/77-usbups.rules
> did the trick once I found the typo I managed to introduce from your post :-(

Yes i was wondering why it did not work for you.
> Its a shame the 10.1 docs still refer to hotplug that caused a lengthy 
> distraction. The above seems to be the only addition required to the standard 
> 10.1 distribution.

Well it is fairly new functions that the udev take over the hotplug and 
also coldplug functions. And also that the dev node have shifted 
from /proc/bus.. to /dev/bus.. for the libusb. 

> Now to get on with checking that it does its shut down the way its supposed 
> to ! 

Just one note on that. The 'shutdown_delay' you set in the ups.conf have
nothing to do with the run-time on battery.

shutdown_delay is how many minutes of UPS power remain once the low
battery (LB) alarm is given for the full rated load

On the 5110 you should get the 'battery_runtime' variable. This is the
estimated run-time before LowBattery on current load.
Or Estimated seconds until DCUV for the current load and state of charge
of the battery (even if not “On Battery”).

DCUV = DirectCurrentUnderVoltage (This should be possible in the future
to be set. ex: setting it to 1.75 signaling LB when the average voltage
is 1.75 per cell )

Say that you have 1200 on battery_runtime, it should run for about 
20 min before it signaling LB. When this happens you have OB LB and
the upsmon is issuing a shutdown of the machine. Now the machine
have shutdown_delay to go down. After the shutdown_delay the ups is 
powering off. So it must finished the shutdown scripts and unmounted
the partitions before it runs out.

I have got many questions on this so this is FYI.

To shutdown before LB, you need to use the AT ONBATT in upssched.conf.

Se the doc's shutdown.txt.


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