[Nut-upsuser] Network UPS Tools version 2.0.5 released

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at prime.gushi.org
Sun Jan 28 22:16:39 CET 2007

On Tue, 16 Jan 2007, Arjen de Korte wrote:

>> From the FAQ:
> "Any time there is a gap in features, it's usually because the
> group of people who own that hardware and the group of people who
> write code don't overlap.  The fix is to make them overlap -
> turn an owner into a developer or vice-versa."
> Unless someone picks up writing a driver around the protocol specification
> that was committed by Alexey Sidorov (December 22nd), this may never
> happen. None of the active developers has one of these devices, as far as
> I know.
>>> I'm eagerly awaiting them -- if there's a cvs snapshot or something I can
>>> check out I can help you with testing.
> See above. Don't hold your breath.
>> digging back the powercom king-pro thread, I don't see anything more
>> than "it doesn't work with the powercom driver but it should with
>> genericups"

I've tried with GenericUPS, had no luck (didn't get any response from the 
driver at all indicating it was online (or that serial comms were 
happening at all).  I'll double check this more in the coming week, it's 
possible I have a wrong cable or something.

It should be possible to test this with just the driver, manually, in 
debug mode, right?  Or have I been going about this all wrong?

> I never heard of you again after suggesting to try the genericups driver.
> That doesn't really help in persuading me to look into this.

Apologies for that, been working in "drop everything and fix X now" mode 
for a while now, and having this up just hasn't been the greatest of 

I'm trying to get my hands on an rs232 tester, which should simplify doing 
this the "dumb" way.  I should have it in a few days, and that should 
definitively tell me which signals are high and which are not in which 

My offer stands as to "if there's something someone wants to code a 
working driver (ranging from cash to a free UPS or something like that)" 
please contact me offlist.




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