[Nut-upsuser] sequence of events / timing upssched/master/slave etc

Olaf Zevenboom olaf at artefact.nl
Fri Jan 25 15:39:37 UTC 2008

Dear List,

I am a bit uncertain about some aspects of NUT and have not been able to 
find the desired info in the documentation.
We have a server monitoring the network and it is also running the 
ups/nut-daemon. Together with some other important servers (all Linux) 
it is logical to make these monitor the UPS as 'master'. While other 
servers (mostly windows running winnut, some linux) can be configured to 
monitor the ups daemon as slaves.
The server running the daemon is configured to use upssched.
The questions are:
- flags/events : are these broadcasted to other servers so upssched is 
only useful to control the server running the daemon itself? Or are the 
events only passed on after the timer of upssched is completed?
- can events/flags be manipulated? (from within the upssched script on 
the server running the deamon)
- can upssched also be implemented on windows machines?
- how do servers configured as NUT master handle stale servers 
configured as slaves? Do they keep waiting?
- one of the servers is a Virtual Machine server running various VMs. 
These VMs aswel as the server itself all run NUT but an extra dependency 
is introduced here. The main server must de downed last. Any insights on 

So I am trying to figure out which timers / configuration aspects are 
running sequential or parallel so I can figure out how to manipulate 
things and control the sequence in which the servers are shutdowned. 
This is a mixed Windows/Linux environment with some physical and some 
virtual servers all running NUT. Any info much appreciated.


Olaf Zevenboom

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