[Nut-upsuser] Tripplite_usb Driver fail on OMNIVS1500

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 16:45:53 UTC 2009

2009/9/4 Chris Abel <cabel at wildwood.edu>

> Yes, This is my config summary:
> enable SSL development code: yes
> enable libwrap (tcp-wrappers) support: no
> enable IPv6 support: yes
> build CGI programs: no
> build and install the development files: no
> build serial drivers: yes
> build SNMP drivers: yes
> build USB drivers: yes
> enable HAL support: no
> build neon based XML driver: no
> build Powerman PDU client driver: no
> Is there another way to update to 2.4 other than building from source? I
> can't seem to get this to work and it is probably because I am relatively
> new to linux.

ok, before going to deep on this and wasting too much time on compilation,
I'd like to have:
- the output of "lsusb -vv -d09ae:0001".
- your USB topology (ie is the UPS plugged on a root hub, are there other
devices on the same bus, ...)
- the result of "ls -l /dev/bus/usb/XXX/YYY" where XXX is the Bus number and
YYY the Device number as shown by lsubs)

once this part is ok, we'll check again to test 2.4.1 from the source tree.

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