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durwin at mgtsciences.com durwin at mgtsciences.com
Wed Jul 14 15:52:02 UTC 2010

> Citeren durwin at mgtsciences.com:
> > I have read the shutdown.txt in the docs directory.  It says that 
> > upsmon calls the shutdown command init takes over.  This I understand
> > clearly.  However, step 8.
> >
> > 8. init then runs your shutdown script.  This checks for the
> >    POWERDOWNFLAG, finds it, and tells the UPS driver(s) to power off
> >    the load.
> >
> > Since init is shuting down the system, why is the POWERDOWNFLAG 
> > Why do I need a shutdown script?  init is shuting down everything!
> Not at all. There is a difference between shutting down the system 
> when 'upsmon' has found that the UPS battery is empty and a shutdown 
> commanded by an operator. In the first case, the UPS should power off 
> (and restart when the power comes back, if possible) in the second 
> case the UPS should not be powered off. Other than the POWERDOWNFLAG 
> there is no way to tell what has happened.

I understand now.  Not sure why a UPS has a 'shutdown' feature, but, it 
can't be shutdown before the machine has completed its shutdown.  Is this 
why the UPS has the variable,  ups.delay.shutdown ?  Mine is set to 20.  I 
assume units are seconds.  Do I adjust it to account for the time my 
machine takes to shutdown?

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