[Nut-upsuser] Scripts for monitoring NUT UPSes with Xymon

Bill Arlofski waa-nut at revpol.com
Fri Jul 23 15:14:26 UTC 2010

On 07/23/10 04:39, Arnaud Quette wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> 2010/7/19 Bill Arlofski
>     Hello everyone. I recently created a set of external scripts for the
>     Xymon
>     Networking Monitor system to monitor and graph AC input voltage, AC
>     output
>     voltage, battery charge %, battery voltage, and UPS Load % of UPSes
>     managed
>     by the Network UPS tools (NUT) suite.
> --[snip]--
>     I hope these are useful to someone. :)
> quite probably.


> thanks for your contribution, I've added an entry to both the old and
> new website, along with a news:
> http://www.networkupstools.org/client-projects/
> http://new.networkupstools.org/projects.html

Thank you Arnaud!  I didn't think to ask about getting a link up there on
those pages. I appreciate it.

> Note that I've used the name "Hobbit (Xymon) Monitor", since it seems to
> be more matching the official name.

About a year ago the JRR Tolkein people contacted the author of Hobbit
claiming copyright violation etc and politely asking that the name be changed.

The name "Hobbit" (Hobbitmon) was  recently officially changed to "Xymon"
(pronounced like "Simon"). The Sourceforge page and mailing list was changed
as recently as two weeks ago, and there is a lot of new development going on
now - including the changing of "hobbit" to "xymon" everywhere in the
documentation, source code, etc. So, soon the name "Hobbit" will be just a
footnote in software history. :)

Having both together like you did will help people looking for either, so that
is fine, although since Xymon is now the official name, I might change that to
Xymon (Hobbit) Monitor but either will be found by search engines. :)

> cheers,
> Arnaud

Thanks again Arnaud!

Bill Arlofski
Reverse Polarity, LLC

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