[Nut-upsuser] Concept questions: Extra battery packs & additionalUPSes...

Doug Parsons doug at parsonsemail.com
Sat Jul 31 02:37:46 UTC 2010


>* Is there a way to configure NUT so that it recognizes the huge additional 
>battery pack that has been attached to the 2200XL? The

It sounds like the issue is that the UPS is not talking/recognizing the 
batteries. Does the battery pack have a small cable (telephone type jack) 
connected as well as the main power leads? This is how the smarter newer 
units know there is a battery(s) attached. If I recall correctly to "see" 
the batteries on the older units required a runtime calibration to make the 
runtime change. And as always take this advice with a gain of salt as I may 
be dreaming all this.

> * I see the "Bizzare configuration" graphic on the 
> http://www.networkupstools.org/features/ and that sort of describes my 
> configuration.   I haven't yet been able to compile a version of NUT on an 
> old Slackware 9.0 server so I am hoping to have my master server monitor 
> the little APC ups and then take action to shutdown the remote server via 
> a script.  On which portions of the documentation do I need to focus to 
> accomplish this?

You can do this as I monitor 60+ UPS units from one server and then have it 
control the shutdown of multiple servers. The way it works is that I use 
serial to IP converters that create virtual serial ports. Then each server 
runs the monitor (in my case WinNUT) to ask the Master Server what the 
status of its UPS(s) is.

The setup you have is describe here: 
http://www.networkupstools.org/doc/2.2.0/data-room.html in the later 
paragraphs. As for more detail there is additional notes in the docs that 
come in the package. Some here may be more familiar as to which one as it 
has been a while since I read the docs.


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