[Nut-upsuser] APC Smart-UPS 1000

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Mon Jan 24 09:18:09 UTC 2011

Citeren Kevin <bakdong op gmail.com>:

> Different....
> # ./clients/upsc apc1500


> ups.delay.shutdown: 90
> ups.delay.start: 250

This is what I expected to happen. The value of ups.delay.shutdown is  
now read from the UPS...

> ./clients/upsrw -s ups.delay.shutdown=30 -u apcmon -p pass123 apc1500
> OK
> # ./clients/upsc apc1500


> ups.delay.shutdown: 30
> ups.delay.start: 250

..and apparently can be written as well.

Sadly, it looks like this value is used for a different purpose than  
setting the minimum delay value before shutdown (like I expected).  
Unless you're willing to dig deeper into this, I think we have to  
conclude that this model doesn't allow setting the delay values lower  
than 90 seconds. Using an 'ondelay' value of 100, does the UPS cycle  
the output if mains is present? And does it wait until the mains  
return if it is not present?

I would still like to see the full output of the below command. An  
earlier version you posted was incomplete (the report descriptor was  
missing, which is vital to be able to check our HID parser without  
access to a specific UPS model). Could you please post the output of

    /path/to/usbhid-ups -DD -a apc1500 > APC_Smart-UPS_1000.log 2>&1

here? The redirection of stderr to stdin was probably missing in your  
previous post.

Best regards, Arjen
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