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Looks like the 5PX is taking the place of the Evolution in that size range. 
I have some 2200 Evolutions but they don't make them any more. Also the 
pricing is different for the US market.

One of the biggest selling points for me was we had several power events 
where the power cycled very rapidly. The UPS units appeared to pass some of 
the dips through to the equipment so some of the routers hung. After that we 
only use online units in the data center, especially when a transfer switch 
is involved. I do not recall the ups brand but it was either APC or MGE 
(major brands). Since we went to the EX models we have not had any issues. 
For the closets I go with the Evolution unless it is over 1500.

With the mix of equipment there is always the issue if it is built to take 
the slight outage that is always passed with a line interactive unit. Think 
of it this way, some equipment when unplugged runs for a second or two 
(laptop power bricks come to mind) and some equipment die instantly. If the 
power supply has enough buffer or capacitor built in it can take a split 
second outage ( I think the magic number is 50 micro seconds) then it will 
work with most ups unit on the market. But if not it will do strange things 
depending on when in the power cycle the power drops out, namely reboot or 

And just in case you are even remotely thinking of buying APC I will be glad 
to share with you several of my very own horror stories including not one 
but two times it almost burnt my house down (didn't learn the first time).


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> Thanks a lot Doug. That's very useful advice, and it is also good to
> know that I can use NUT and interface to the Windows box - I did not
> know about WinNUT.
> I've had a look at the EX2200 and like the feature set, although it is
> a bit more expensive. Cost is a big factor for us just now
> unfortunately and we may need something cheaper. From what I can see
> now, the 5PX 2200 would suffice and I may need this as a "fall back"
> if the EX is too much. But I will go over the information on both and
> try and build a case for spending more.
> Once again, many thanks.
> Alastair
> On 24 April 2012 04:00, Doug Parsons <doug at parsonsemail.com> wrote:
>> Alastair,
>> The short answer is that the two tools are approaching the problem from 
>> two
>> different directions. The models are in completely different classes with
>> different features.
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