[Nut-upsuser] NUT MGE Pulsar Ellipse Premium 800: Changed NUT rw variables?

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 16:21:53 UTC 2012

2012/6/26 Tmima Pliroforikis Perifereiakis Enotitas Pierias <
pliroforiki at pieria.pkm.gov.gr>

> Hello all,


> I've got an MGE Pulsar Ellipse Premium 800 powering a couple of FreeBSD
> systems. Driver used is mge-shut, I don't know what the new mge-shut driver
> offers, but I follow the "if it works, don't fix it" dogma here. :)

well, as of 2.6.4, switching to newmge-shut is highly recommend.

It will solve your issue with ups.{delay,timer}.{start,shutdown}.
most notably, mge-shut is not evolving anymore, while newmge-shut does,
through sharing a common HID core with usbhid-ups.
SHUT means Serial HID UPS Transfer, and is about the same as USB, but on a
serial link.

I also had a nut server installed on the master, with the
> /usr/local/etc/rc.d/nut script slightly modified to include a couple of
> upsrw commands in order to power off ups and also to delay ups start-up:
> gw[/root]# diff nut.mod nut.orig
> 34d33
> < stop_precmd="nut_prestop"
> 41,50d39
> < nut_prestop() {
> <     if (test -f /etc/killpower) then
> <         rm /etc/killpower
> <       sleep 5
> <       echo "Ordering UPS to delay-shutdown."
> <       ${nut_prefix}/bin/upsrw -s ups.delay.shutdown=80 -u user -p pass
> mailfw at localhost
> <       ${nut_prefix}/bin/upsrw -s ups.delay.start=15 -u user -p pass
> mailfw at localhost
> <     fi
> < }
> <
> This script worked just fine for a number of years. Yesterday, while
> looking the syslogs after a power failure, I saw that during the
> nut-initiated shutdown procedure (notice the "Ordering UPS to
> delay-shutdown" message) errors were logged, most likely due to these two
> commands:
> Jun 24 19:28:37 mail upslog[858]: Signal 15: exiting
> Jun 24 19:28:37 mail kernel: .
> Jun 24 19:28:37 mail kernel: Stopping nut_upslog.
> Jun 24 19:28:42 mail kernel: Ordering UPS to delay-shutdown.
> Jun 24 19:28:42 mail kernel: Unexpected response from upsd: ERR
> Jun 24 19:28:42 mail kernel: Unexpected response from upsd: ERR
> So my question is, have these commands changed? From the output of upsrw
> below, most likely ups.delay.shutdown and ups.delay.start have been
> replaced by ups.timer.shutdown and ups.timer.start. Is that correct, are
> these phrasal changes only?

these have indeed been changed (mea culpa) in mge-shut, but not in
note that the latter will replace the former in the next release...

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