[Nut-upsuser] APC SMX3000RMLV2UNC with AP9631 NUT compatibility via network

Jeff Kowalczyk jeff.kowalczyk at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 00:09:58 UTC 2013

I have an APC SMX3000RMLV2UNC UPS, with installed network card model AP9631.


I planned to use network connectivity with this unit and apcupsd, but have not
this far. The UPS is shared by multiple servers, so a USB or Serial connection
via the AP9620 is not feasible:


I found and started researching NUT, and would prefer using NUT with this APC
and future purchases of NUT-compatible hardware from OEMs other than APC,
e.g. Eaton.

I see a prior thread discussing the unfortunate proprietary microlink protocol:

Subject: Re: APC Smart-UPS 1200
Date: 2012-10-04 14:55:55 GMT

My question is whether microlink is what is actually used for a TCP/IP
connection to the AP9631 network card, or whether another protocol such as SNMP
is available for NUT to use. Even a lower count of UPS metrics via SNMP would be
usable, I just need to reliably signal on power loss events.

Thanks for any comments from APC users of this or similar equipment. I'm looking
forward to using it with NUT, or at least finding out that it can't be done.


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