[Nut-upsuser] Problem with Tripp Lite SMART 1300LCDT on and off

Johnny Wong e430benz98 at yahoo.com
Fri May 17 06:46:48 BST 2019

I am not sure if this is a polling/communication problem or not.
Running NUT 2.7.4
Driver used usbhid-ups 
Driver version 2.7.4 
Driver version internal 0.41

This is the information the driver is able to pull
UPS status OL 
UPS Manufacturer Tripp Lite 
Vendor ID 09ae 
Product ID 3016
OS is FreeBSD/XigmaNAS v11.2
The issue is that for every 30sec that the driver is able to pull the information it will lose connection for about 60sec; maybe it is unable to poll information.  What parameters I can use to stop the disconnect?  Or a proper way to diagnose what the real issue is?  I already tried the physical connection.  Replaced USB cord with a known cable that works with another UPS and changing USB ports.

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