[pkg-bacula-devel] squeeze backport for bacula 5.2.6+dfsg-7

Bart Swedrowski bart at timedout.org
Mon Jan 21 11:28:32 UTC 2013

On 21 January 2013 11:23, Hilko Bengen <bengen at debian.org> wrote:
> Or do you want to stick to dependencies compatible with squeeze (without
> relying on other squeeze-backports packages)?

This will be my preference.  AFAIR libpq-dev is a dependency for
PostgreSQL what means you're forced to use backported PostgreSQL 9.1.7
and not the one shipped with Squeeze.

This will possibly cause issues for people that have been using Bacula
from backports until this point as with next upgrade they'll be asked
to upgrade PostgreSQL.

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