[pkg-bacula-devel] Running bacula-fd as non-root (again)

Carsten Leonhardt leo at debian.org
Thu Nov 8 01:03:18 GMT 2018

Sven Hartge <sven at svenhartge.de> writes:

>> Kern closed the QT display bug: https://bugs.bacula.org/view.php?id=2248
>> I still see the bug in our current backported version. Is my explanation
>> how to reproduce clear enough?
> What explanation? Where? I only see the original one from 2016.

yes, that one:

- start bat
- left-click "Media"
- double-left-click a volume
- right-click "Media info" at the left

-> the menu shows "UnDock Media Info Window"

- now left click "Media" at the left
- right-click "Media info" again

-> the menu shows "UnDock Media Info Window" and "Close Page"

>> And lastly, I think your autoconf patch for cross compiling should be
>> upstreamed. I'll submit it to the upstream bug tracker.
> I tried this as well, you were Cc'd on most of the mails I think, but it
> went nowhere. Good luck.

Submitted as #2425.

> Can you test on kFreeBSD if using "-k" as permanent option for bacula-fd
> fails on there, because FreeBSD doesn't have capabilities?

This fails on kFreeBSD and Hurd ...

> If this causes propblems, we need to either reintroduce the ARGS
> variable for /etc/defaults/bacula-fd or put an automatic arch-detector
> into the init-script.

... so I added a test to the init script.

 - Carsten

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