[pymvpa] PyMVPA 0.3 coming?

Michael Hanke michael.hanke at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 12:27:26 UTC 2008


the last release is almost two months old and we have a significant
changelog accumulated since:

  * Import of binary EEP files (used by EEProbe) and EEPDataset class.
  * Initial version of a meta dataset class (MetaDataset). This is a container
    for multiple datasets, which behaves like a dataset itself.
  * Regression performance is summarized now within RegressionStatistics.
  * Error functions: CorrErrorPFx, RelativeRMSErrorFx.
  * Measures: CorrCoef.
  * Data generators: chirp, wr1996
  * Few more examples: curvefitting, kerneldemo, smellit, projections
  * Some initial convenience functions for plotting typical results and data
  * Unified configuration handling with support for user-specific and
    analysis-specific config files, as well as the ability to override all
    config settings via environment variables. The configuration handling is
    used for PyMVPA internal settings, but can also be easily used for
    custom (user-)settings.
  * Improved modularity, e.g. SciPy is not required anymore, but still very
  * Initial implementations of ICA and PCA mapper using functionality provided
    by MDP. These mappers are more or less untested and should be used with
    great care.
  * Further improved docstrings of some classes, but still a long way to go.
  * New 'boxcar' mapper, which is the similar to the already present
    transformWithBoxCar() function, but implemented as a mapper.
  * Stripped redundant suffixes from module names, e.g.
    mvpa.datasets.niftidataset -> mvpa.datasets.nifti
  * mvpa.misc.cmdline variables opt* and opts* were groupped within
    opt and optss class instances. Also names of the options were
    changed to match 'dest' of the options. Use tools/refactor.py to
    quickly fix your custom code.
  * Change all references to PyMVPA website to www.pymvpa.org.
  * Make website stylesheet compatible with sphinx 0.4.
  * Several minor improvements of the compatibilty with MacOS.

Looking at the download stats I get the feeling that we should come up
with a new release relatively soon. There seem to be a number of users
relying on our releases not using the latest development version.

My question is, whether anyone is working on something that should go
into 0.3 and is not yet commited?

I'm planing to build a binary installer for MacOS for the next release.
Depending on the availability of a machine running 10.5 this may take
another two weeks. (If anyone is running such a machine, with VNC server
and accessible from outside that I could use for testing, please let me
know -- thanks).


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