[pymvpa] An error occurs when I use the function "zscore" ...

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Wed Feb 8 23:50:36 UTC 2012

our bad -- documentation lied -- apparently std needs to be an array
whenever pervoxel is True (which is the default).

I will patch it up in 0.4.x series (I don't think mvpa2 is prone to it -- will
check too), meanwhile just specify std with an array explicitly


Cheers and thanks for the report

>    Dear expert,


>           An error occurs  when I use the  function ��zscore�� �� Can  anyone
>    help me? Thank you in advance.

>            zscore(dataset,  mean=0,   std=1,  perchunk=True,   pervoxel=True,
>    targetdtype="float32")

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