[pkg-lxqt-devel] Bug#826311: closed by Alf Gaida <agaida at siduction.org> (Bug#826311: fixed in pcmanfm-qt 0.11.0-4)

ydirson at free.fr ydirson at free.fr
Sat Jun 4 16:37:59 UTC 2016

Well, the problem of the selection of the theme is not that easy.

I have themes adwaita, tango, oxygen installed.

* when I open the prefs, adwaita is highlighted, but apparently
  not active, as I can get file icons after switching to another
  theme and then back.  I originally thought the initial setup was
  "use de-provided", but in fact it seems to be "elementary".  This
  is probably what should be the first recommended option, but it
  seems to be only available in experimental.

To which we can add a couple more items:

* unavailable default theme wrongly handled in GUI
* if I select a theme it only shows icons for files, but none in toolbar,
  until I restart the program, after which I can switch and the icons get
* razor-qt has a default theme selection, but it seems ignored - it may
  be a razor-qt bug, though
* cannot select "de-provided" theme in GUI, even removing the config file
  gets me black to all-blank icons without a warning that something is wrong
* oxygen is listed twice in the list (one appears as "default.kde4" in the config)

You may want to forward this list of issues upstream, I don't think it's really
worth to open new bug in Debian for all of them :)

Best regards,

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