[pkg-lxqt-devel] Bug#826311: closed by Alf Gaida <agaida at siduction.org> (Bug#826311: fixed in pcmanfm-qt 0.11.0-4)

agaida at siduction.org agaida at siduction.org
Sat Jun 4 17:10:44 UTC 2016

You are right - 'elementary' was infact the default icon theme, a not so
lucky choice as the elementary icon theme really isn't that wide spread.

So i changed it for the time beeing to oxygen - this will work for the
foremost debian systems. Ok, not for all, but that will come later -
oxygen is recommend so if one choose to install without recommends the
ball is in his field until we fixed the detection of installed icon
themes. I can live with it and it is all i want to do for now. oxygen as
a dependency would be to much imho.

Thanks Alf
> To which we can add a couple more items:
> * unavailable default theme wrongly handled in GUI
> * if I select a theme it only shows icons for files, but none in toolbar,
> until I restart the program, after which I can switch and the icons get
> updated
> * razor-qt has a default theme selection, but it seems ignored - it may
> be a razor-qt bug, though
> * cannot select "de-provided" theme in GUI, even removing the config file
> gets me black to all-blank icons without a warning that something is wrong
> * oxygen is listed twice in the list (one appears as "default.kde4" in
the config)

Alf Gaida
BDBF C688 EFAD BA89 5A9F  464B CD28 0A0B 4D72 827C

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