[sane-devel] epson scanner 4180 Photo

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf.meeuwissen at avasys.jp
Tue Dec 5 00:57:54 CET 2006

Keith Cheong <keith.cheong at wanadoo.fr> writes:

> Dear sirs,
>    hope you can help me! I'm new to Linux systems. So I'm very
> confused as to how to set up and use my Epson Perfection 4180 Photo
> scanner. I've tried downloading the driver from epson and have the
> iscan-2.4.0-0.c2.tar.gz file on my desktop and followed the
> instructions to install. But it falters after ./configure, so I can
> not 'make' or 'make install'. I'm using Ubuntu-Linux 6.10.
>    If you can offer any assistance I would be extremely grateful.
>    Yours sincerely Keith Cheong.

Hi Keith,

If you're new to Linux, take the easy route.  EPSON AVASYS doesn't
provide binary packages in Debian format, but you can convert and
install them quite easily with the alien utility.

With root (system administrator) privileges do:

  alien --install --scripts iscan-2.4.0-0.c2.i386.rpm

and you should be ready to go (keeping fingers crossed ;-)

Oh, I'm assuming you are on a i386 compatible architecture.  If you
aren't, you have no choice but go the route you are trying to take
now, via `./configure; make; make install`, is a bit longer and
requires the presence of a number of development utilities.

Hope this helps,
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