[sane-devel] Frustrated with making saned work

Mac Cody maccody at tx.rr.com
Sat Apr 21 23:05:42 UTC 2007


I am trying to get saned working with my scanner (a UMAX 2100U).
I am using SANE backends 1.0.18, SANE fronends 1.0.14, and xsane
0.994.  The backend I am using is a modified version of the
umax1220u, which I call psc_umax2100u.  It is essentially the same
backend with all of the non-2100U support stripped out.  The driver
works without problem directly with scanimage and xsane.  When I
try to use the backend through saned, I encounter authentication

I have read throughly the SANE Network Daemon at
http://penguin-breeder.org/sane/saned/, the saned manpage, and the
sane-net manpage without a resolution of the problem.

I set up the file saned.conf as follows

I set up the file saned.users as follows:


When I start xsane, the first dialog window that is displayed shows:

  Authorization required for net:

  Password transmission is secure

I type in the user name "xyzzy" and the password "fubar", which are
accepted.  The xsane windows are then displayed.  When the "Scan" or
"Preview" buttons are pressed, a second dialog window is displayed:

  Authorization required for net:

  Backend requests plain-text password

It doesn't matter what I type in for the user name and password, as
nothing appears to be accepted.  After one or two tries, xsane aborts
with the message

   *** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x4001a7e6 ***

I tried setting up a psc_umax2100u.users file, following the same
format as saned.users, but that didn't work.  Probably not a valid
file anyway.

I don't know what else to do.  It seems like I'm very close, but I'm
missing something.  Thanks in advance for your help!


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