[sane-devel] Canon FB630u Scanner

Dr. Ralf Wepler ralf at wepler.de
Sun Apr 29 08:05:58 UTC 2007

I try to get to work a Canon FB630u Scanner. I use openSUSE 10.2, Kernel
2.6. Hard- and software is found, but the Scanner does'nt move. I ran a
test programm, here is part of the output:

1.  I have found the SANE library (libsane.so) at the following
location: /usr/lib
2.  I have found the SANE configuration files (dll.conf) at the
following location: /etc/sane.d
3.  I have found the SANE header file (sane/sane.h) at the following
location: /usr/include/sane

4.  I'm now trying to connect to the SANE library. If I'm successful,
I'll try to open the test backend just to make sure that the library is
installed correctly. If you get any errors, you should exit and restart
me after fixing the problem.
5. WARNING: The version of the SANE backends on your system is 1.0.18. I
don't know this version yet, so you may want to update sane-troubleshoot.
6.  I was able to open the test backend. That's fine, you can go ahead now.
7.  So your CANON Canoscan FB630U was found by SANE. That's good. Your
scanner is supported by the "canon630u" SANE backend so you should find
more information on fine-tuning in the "sane-canon630u" manual page.
Just run "man sane-canon630u" to view it. I'm now trying to scan a small
image. This will take some time. I'm enabling debug messages
(SANE_DEBUG_CANON630U=255), so you will be able to see what's going on
in the logfile.

8.  ERROR: I tried to call sane_start but it returned the following
error message: "Device busy". I think that's a bug in the canon630u

As I'm not an expert, I don't know what to do now. I'll attach the
log-file for further details.

Does anyone have an idea what to do now?
Thank you for help
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